Deidesheimer Hof und Betreibergesellschaft Deidesheimer Hof

Menu suggestions

We are pleased about your interest in our hotel. For business dinners, conventions and conferences, your private events and informal meetings with friends we have chosen some inspirations which are only a small selection of our manifold gastronomic offer.
Aperitif recommendations and midnight snacks      


For your aperitif or reception we offer a variation of appetizers

Fingerfood with cheese: 
- white cheese with truffle and chives 3,-  
- tartlets with “Olivetti” tomatoes and Parmesan cheese 3,-
- quiche with leek and herb dip 3,-
- puff pastry filled with cheese 2,50
- oyster mushrooms with pesto 3,-
- olives in rosemary oil with celery 3,-
Fingerfood with fish:
- smoked salmon with cream cheese and dill 3,50
- fillet of brown trout with ginger apple 3,50
- oyster with lemon splittings 4,-
- in pepper engaged monkfish with tomato coulis 3,50
- croutons with trout caviar and horseradish cream 3,50
- tartlets with anchovy and olives 3,-
- baked Wan Tan of crustacean with sweet and sour dip 3,50
- roulade of blue white fish with crème fraiche 3,50    
Fingerfood with meat:
- tatar of veal fillet with sesam 3,50
- smoked sirloin with gherkin salad 4,-
- baked curry fowl praline with herb sauce 3,50
- praline of goose foie gras with mountain cranberries 4,-
- tartlet with bacon, leek and mushrooms 3,50
- puff pastry engaged with truffle and fowl 3,50
- Pata Negra bacon with engaged pearl onion  4,-
- roulade of rabbit on brown bread chips with plum dip 3,50
Vegetarian fingerfood:
- mousse of white cheese with young leek 3,-
- tartlet of “Saumagen” 3,-
- tatar of trout with cucumber 3,50
- air dried beef with horseradish crème 3,50
- croutons with homemade liver sausage and mustard 3,50
- pickled pork fillet with potato majoram vinaigrette 4,-
- baked blood sausage with cranberry apple chutney 4,-
Midnight snacks

- Potato soup with blood sausage slice 7,50
- White sausage with sweet mustard and pretzel 8,- 
- Curry sausage with sesame bun  8,50 
- Chilli con carne with white bread 8,50 
- Hamburger dumplings with potato - cucumber salad 9,50 
- Selection of fine salami with sour dough bread 9,50 
- Goulash soup with pepper  8,50  
- Liver dumpling soup with herbs 7,- 
- International cheese with fig mustard and grapes 13,- 


Menu and buffet recommendations of our regional cusine

Regional menu I

Trout tartlet
with baked caviar praline
* * *
Clear soup of poultry
with marjoram and quail quenelles
* * *
Crépinette of pork fillet
with Savoy cabbage balls and Macaire potatoes
* * *
“Kartäuser” dumplings
with wine foam and walnut ice - cream



Regional menu II

“Saumagen“ carpaccio
with brown champignons and chive vinaigrette
* * *
Parsely root soup
* * *
In Pinot Noir braised beef
with cream turnip cabbage and potato dumplings
* * *
Apple strudel with vanilla sauce
and brandy raisin ice - cream


Regional gourmet menu III
 „Schwarzer Hahn“

Amuse Bouche
* * *
Crawfish terrine
with tarragon vinaigrette and tomato tatar
* * *
Celery foam soup
with  nutbutter
* * *
Strudel of pike - perch and blood sausage
on lentils and Riesling foam
* * *
“Saumagen“ with truffle and foie gras
on cauliflower mousseline
* * *
Palatine  beef fillet
with red wine sauce and bean-mint vegetable
Sparkling wine cupcake
with peach sorbet and vanilla sabayon
* * *
Petit fours




Palatine buffet
- for 25 or more persons -

Salads with our homemade dressing
“Deidesheimer” sausage salad with radish and herbs
Air dried Palatine beef filet with mushroom vinaigrette
Marinated brawns with chive vinaigrette
Trout tatar with horseradish whipped cream
Marinated boiled beef with chive vinaigrette and lettuce

* * *

Seasonal soup
Cream soup of asparagus, pumpkin or bone - marrow dumplings

* * *

Roasted liver dumpling with cream sauerkraut and roasted potatoes
Home made sausages and “Saumagen“ with  cream puree
Palatine “Saumagen” sliced at the buffet
Stewed beef cheeks with celery puree and beans vegetable
Pork roast with crackling, lukewarm bacon-cabbage salad and caraway sauce
“Saumagen” ravioli with melted onions
Strudel of blood - and liver sausage on apple - horseradish vegetables
Pike perch roasted on the skin with pearl barley and Riesling foam
Trout filet roasted on the skin with lemon-caper butter and leaf spinach
Blood sausage ravioli with melted liver sausage and mustard sauce

* * *

Warm cheese tart with berries ragout
Yoghurt cream with pear chutney and nougat sauce
Alsatian plum mousse with almond cream
“Kartäuser“ dumplinsg with wine foam and raisin ice - cream
Cream of brandy with caramelized pineapple
Curd cheese dumpling with cinnamon sugar and apricot salad
Apple tart with vanilla sauce
“Handkäse” with caraway vinaigrette and onions
Cheese board with fig mustard and grapes

with  8-courses (2 starters, 1 soup, 3 main courses, 2 desserts) per person 56,-
with 11-courses (3 starters, 1 soup, 4 main courses, 3 desserts) per person 66,-
with 14-courses (4 starters, 1 soup, 5 main courses, 4 desserts) per person 76,-
with 17-courses (4 starters, 1 soup, 7 main courses, 5 desserts) per person 89,-


Palatinate Buffet

-starting at 30 persons-

Salads with our homemade dressing
Honey bacon rolls filled with white cheese and herbs
Char tatar with dill and lemon vinaigrette
Home made leg of pork aspic with sauce remoulade
Tomato mousse with basil pesto and pine nuts
Bread selection with salted butter, radish and herb quark

* * *


Potato cream soup
with dried sausage


Poultry consommé
with lovage and fried batter pearls

* * *

With sauce Mornay gratinated vegetables and tagliatelle
In flaky pastry roasted beef filet with mustard sauce and carrot-peas vegetable
Crusty pig stomach with caraway jus and potato gratin
Wels filet with crawfish sauce and herbs rice
Blood sausage ravioli with apple-horseradish vegetables and cranberries
“Saumagen” ravioli with creamy pickled cabbage
 Pike perch filet with sparkling wine foam and leek vegetables

* * *

Chocolate cupcake with cherry ragout
Cassata parfait with candied fruits
Crêpes with orange ragout and almond sauce
Fig turret with white chocolate
Plums cupcake with cinnamon sauce
Creamy ice-cream in an ice cup




Menu and buffet recommendations of our cuisine St. Urban

Menu I

Leaf salad with yoghurt-herbs dressing
and croutons
* * *
“The Palatine’s favoured dish”
“Saumagen”, liver dumpling, sausage
 with sauerkraut and potato puree
* * *
Pear strudel
with raisins, almonds and vanilla ice - cream


Menu II

Cream soup of potato and leek
with bacon croutons
* * *
In Pinot Noir stewed pig cheeks
with sweet potato puree and beans
* * *
Marinated wild berries
with egg liquor sabayon


Menu III

Game tureen “St. Hubertus”
with wild mushrooms
 and orange-cranberry vinaigrette
* * *
Carrot-coriander foam soup with croûtons
* * *
Pork fillet baked in puff pastry
with Dornfelder shallot jus
and leek vegetables à la crème
* * *
Mocha-nougat parfait
with whiskey cream and marinated berries


Menu IV

Lambs lettuce with lemon-basil vinaigrette
and roasted calamaretti stripes
* * *
Game consommé
with semolina dumplings and herbs
* * *
With prune filled guinea fowl breast,
cream turnip cabbage and tagliatelle
* **
Walnut parfait
with apple chutney and vanilla sabyon


Menu V

Veal carpaccio with tomato-tarragon marinade,
chicory and sesame-flaky pastry stick
* * *
Crustacean foam soup
with shrimps “Wan Tan”
* * *
Deer back medaillon gratinated with cranberries
and Brie de Meaux, “Spaetzle”
and parsley root vegetable
* * *
Lukewarm chocolate cupcake
with orange sorbet and caramel sauce


Menu VI

Lukewarm carpaccio of “Saumagen”
with mushrooms vinaigrette and salads
* * *
Herb foam soup with cream cheese ravioli
* * *
Medium roasted beef filet with paprika risotto,
and garlic thyme sauce
* * *
Passionfruit mousse cupcake
with bittersweet chocolate sorbet


Menu VII

Tatar of brook trout with sautéed potatoes
and chive crème fraîche
* * *
Essence of quail with old Sherry
and herb dumplings
Yoghurt - vanilla - sorbet
* * *
Beef tenderloin with ox - tail stew
and vegetable risotto
* * *
Apple tart with rum-raisin ice-cream



Bouillabaisse fish tureen
with fennel salad and saffron vinaigrette
 * * *
Small mulligan of vegetables
with quail roulade
* * *
Roasted saddle of beef
with sauce Béarnaise, potato gratin
and broccoli
* * *
Cheese selection with fig mustard and grapes
* * *
Curd cheese dumplings with apricot ragout,
almond milk foam and vanilla ice-cream



Menu IX

Terrine of duck foie gras
with caramelized grapes
and walnut brioche
* * *
Cream soup of paprika
with sautéed  scallop
Roasted sea devil on orange risotto
with saffron sauce
* * *
Beef tenderloin
with sugar peas-carrot salad
and potato strudel
* * *
Dessertvariation „St. Urban“



Menu X

Carpaccio of wild salmon
with basil vinaigrette and rucola salad
* * *
Pot au feu of poulard
with marjoram
* * *
Red mullet filet roasted on the skin
with shrimps risotto and glazed sugar snaps
** *
Saddle of lamb under the tomato crust
with polenta, artichokes and thyme sauce
* * *
Two kinds of chocolate
with raspberry



Buffet “Summer”

- for 30  persons and more -


Mediterranean breads with olive oil and sea salt
Carpaccio of air dried flank with balsamic vinegar, parmesan and pine nuts
Ttomato mousse with saffron-shell vinaigrette
Prime boiled calf with tuna sauce and caper berries
Marinated green asparagus with stewed paprika
Scallops with lemon vinaigrette and Risoni noodle salad

* * *

“Frankfurt” Green herbs cream soup

* * *

Saddle of milk calf with summer vegetables and pepper sauce
Stewed codfish with potato-cucumber salad and chervil sauce
With olivetti tomatoes stewed rabbit haunch with rosemary potatoes
Scampi ravioli with basil sauce and spinach
Lasagne of ratatouille  vegetables gratinated with mozzarella and oregano

* * *

Marinated pineapple with vanilla and mint
Flambé ice-cream cake
Panna cotta strawberry-almond salad
Blueberry cupcake with dark biscuit and lime



Buffet “Bacchus”

- for 30  persons and more -

Calf’s liver parfait with Waldorf salad
Poulard galantine with truffled leek and chanterelles
Aspic of calf’s head with pesto vinaigrette
Deer mousse in a “Baumkuchen” coat
Filled quail haunch
Noble fish tureen with Riesling-lemon vinaigrette

* * *

Peek consommé with wild mushroom raviolo or char raviolo

* * *

Pig’s filet in a wild mushroom-pistachios coat with celery mousseline
Saddle of veal medium roasted (or veal loin) under a tomato-olive hood
with potato-thyme gratin
Stewed poulard haunch with eggplant-courgette ragout
Loach and wild salmon strudel on glazed red beet
Noble fish “Minestrone” 

Ox tail ravioli with mustard-chives sauce

* * *

Dome chocolate with pickled  cherries
Parfait of Palatine marc with fig compote
Orange and “Grand Manier” Crème Brûlée with yoghurt-vanilla ice cream
Lukewarm cream strudel with mango-passion fruit salad





Gourmet - menus of our award winning restaurant Schwarzer Hahn

Gourmet  - menu I

Amuse bouche
Variation of “Glan” veal
with pickled carrot
* * *
Red beet foam soup
with Loup de Mer and green horseradish
* * *
Scallop roasted in caramel oil
with date couscous
* * *
Palatinate saddle of venison
in bread coat
with juniper bacon and creamy black salsify
* * *
Combination of white chocolate
and pumpkin seed oil
Petit fours

as 5 - course menu without soup 85,-
95 -

Gourmet  - menu II

Amuse bouche
Three kinds Atlantic sole
* * *
Cream soup of finger carrot
and lobster with Tahiti vanilla
* * *
Tuna with piment d’espelette
on pineapple pearl barley and bright tomato sauce
* * *
Fillet of bison beef with foie gras raviolo
and sauce rouennaise
* * *
Turret of orange
with Valrhona chocolate sorbet
Petit fours

as 4 - course menu without soup 90,-

Gourmet - menu III

Amuse bouce
Tartlet of quail and goose foie gras
with black nuts and honey yoghurt
* * *
Jellied “Beef Tea”
with “La Ratte” potatoes and caviar
* * *
Roasted loup de mer
with lobster cockscomb risotto and basil sauce
* * *
Palatine roast saddle of venison
under nut crust with port wine sabayon and celery
* * *
Turret of milk cheese
with fig mustard and grapes
* * *
Combination of hip and cocos
Petit fours

as 5 - course menu without “Beef Tea”  94,-

Gourmet - menu IV

Amuse bouce
Éclair of Alsatian foie gras
wit truffle cream, macadamia nuts and smoked oil
* * *
St. Pierre with a cockle, algae
and saffron-tarragon sauce
* * *
In herb stock poached sea prawn
with morel risotto and gooseberry-Riesling sauce
* **
Bresse pigeon breast
with Theobroma blend, sweatheart cabbage
and Sauce Rouennaise
* * *
Lemon tartlet

* * *
Lemon tartlet with blossom sorbet
and almond sauce
Petit fours


Gourmet  - menu V
Amuse bouce
Mille Feuille of Breton lobster
with avocado and chip
* * *
Red mullet under  herb crust
with “Pulpo”- beans cabbage ragout
and champagne sauce
* * *
Pot au feu of rabbit
* * *
Roasted goose foie gras with port wine noodles
and apple chutney
* * *
“Simmentaler” beef fillet with sweet potato cream
 and two kinds of truffle sauce
* * *
Roasted Crottin de Chavignol with mango, ginger
and  sabayon of  date vinegar
* * *
Combination of raspberry and tomato
with fruity olive oil ice - cream
Petit fours

as 5 - course menu without cheese  104,-

Gourmet - menu VI
Amuse bouce
Monkfish cheeks
with marinated “Tamrillo” and nut cream
* * *
Saffron essence with lobster sausage
and ginger mustard
* * *
King fish with “Udon” noodles,
radish and leeks
* * *
Roasted foie gras
with pear, eel and peas
* * *
Calf filet of the exotic brew
with cherries, celery and port wine sabayon
* * *
“Crottin de Chavignol” with mango vinegar foam
* * *
Various kinds of Valrhona chocolate
Petit fours

as 6 - course menu without cheese  105,-



Our seasonal menu proposals

The following menu proposals have to be seen as recommendation and selection of our great gastronomic offer. We also create individual menus for your private and business festivities, depending on your personal wishes and the seasonal offers.


Leaf salad with horseradish vinaigrette,
two kinds of wild salmon and mustard dill dip
* * *
Celery root cream soup
with roulade of deer
* * *
In Pinot Noir braised pork cheeks
on black salsifies à la crème and potato gnocchi
* * *
Lukewarm dried fruit chocolate strudel
with Grand Marnier ice - cream


With lemon pepper marinated angler fish,
fennel salad and orange
* * *
Red beet foam soup with horseradish
* * *
Beef fillet “Strindberg”, fried broccoli,
home made croquettes and herb jus
* * *
Coconut cream with mango-coriander sorbet
and peanut crumble

59,- €



Smoked brook trout with spring leek salad
and chive vinaigrette
* * *
Consommé “St. Hubertus” with crêpe stripes
and cauliflower floret
* * *
Carrée of Swabian - Hall swine
with caramelized green cabbage and potato strudel
* * *
Tartlet of blood orange
with white chocolate ice - cream



Aspic of arctic shrimps
with rucola salad and wild garlic – pine nuts pesto
* * *
Calf Consommé and green asparagus
* * *
Saddle of lamb medium roasted with thyme crust, Roman cam and artichokes vegetables
* * *
Rhubarb cake with strawberry mousse
and pistachios ice - cream




Tartlet of green and white asparagus
with spiced salmon and radish vinaigrette
* * *
Springtime hotpot with garden lovage
and roasted guinea fowl breast
* * *
Medaillon of veal fillet
on carrot leek vegetable, chanterelle cream sauce
and home made tagliatelle
* * *
Three kinds of palatinate strawberries


Asparagus menu

Marinated Palatine asparagus
with chives–egg vinaigrette and wild herb salad
* * *
Asparagus cream soup
with croutons and spring garlic
* * *
With rosemary butter roasted guinea fowl breast, asparagus, sauce Hollandaise and nut potatoes
* * *
Caramelized asparagus tartlet with vanilla foam
and strawberry sorbet



Aspic of matjes “Hausfrauenart”
with a small salad bouquet
and marinated north sea crabs
* * *
Essence of calf tail
with Savory cabbage  and chanterelles
* * *
Rabbit back with summer truffles, stirred polenta, finger carrots and Pinot Noir sauce
* * *
Verveine and lemon Crème Brûlée
with apricots ragout and nougat ice cream



Roulade of wild salmon and sole
with sprout salad and coriander pesto
* * *
Summer tomato essence
with ricotta raviolo and basil stripes
* * *
Medaillon of beef fillet with Café de Paris crust
on ratatouille risotto and pepper sauce
* * *
Poached peach with almond sauce
and Valrhona chocolate sorbet




Iced soup of Charentais melons
with walnuts, bread sticks and Parma ham
* * *
Roasted Loup de mer fillet with spinach risotto
* * *
Stripes of beef fillet with chanterelles
 on noodles and snow peas
* * *
„This and that“ of  Palatine cherries



Shrimps in a potato coat
on marinated zucchini  and pesto
* * *
Cream soup of boletus mushrooms
with roasted quail breast and croûtons
* * *
Duck breast medium roasted
with an artichoke-potato ragout and topinambur chips
* * *
White Valthona chocolate on hazelnut biscuit and Gewürztraminer-raisin ice-cream



Rabbit roulade
with leaf salad and cranberries vinaigrette
* * *
Game consommé
with pheasant strudel and leaf parsley
* * *
With rosemary braised veal shank,
 potato gratin and romanesco
* * *
“Armer Ritter” with almond milk,
new wine sorbet and grape ragout



Leaf salad with potato vinaigrette,
croutons and bacon
* * *
Beef consommé with ravioli,
 herbs and vegetable diamonds
* * *
Roasted saddle of venison under nut crust
with celery puree, cranberry sauce
and Brussels sprouts
* * *
Filled roasted apple with raisins,
rum ice - cream and warm vanilla sauce



Goose menu

Smoked  goose breast with leaf salad,
horseradish vinaigrette and marinated mushrooms
* * *
Goose cream soup with orange and marjoram,
small goose liver strudel
* * *
Breast and leg of „Deidesheimer“ goose
with red cabbage,  chestnuts, potato dumplings
and mugwort sauce
* * *
Tartlet of tangerines with vanilla and roasted apple sorbet

without soup  56


Marinated duck foie gras
with sweet wine jelly and brioche
* * *
Foam soup of chestnuts and orange

* * *
Medaillon of deer´s back on apple red cabbage, noodles and port sauce
* * *
Tartlet of tangerines and vanilla
with peanut ice-cream and pomegranate



Menus for weddings & other festivities

The greatest day in your life demands a perfect dinner. We spoil you and your wedding guests with festive menus and exquisite buffets.

Wedding menu I

Tartlet of smoked salmon with caviar and garden cucumber soup
* * *
Roasted king prawns on zucchini farfalle and tomato-chorizo sauce
* * *
as buffet
Saddle of beef medium roasted with shallots sauce, butter spaetzle and garden vegetables
Wild mushroom risotto with parmesan sauce and stewed tomatoes
Ravioli of noble fish with saffron sauce and vegetables
* * *
Dessert buffet of your choice

without dessert buffet 55,-


Wedding menu II

“Saumagen“ Carpaccio
with brown champignon - radish vinaigrette and salad
* * *
Cream soup of carrots and vanilla
with quail breast
* * *
Pike - perch fillet with fine potatoes
on leaf spinach and beurre rouge
* * *
Veal saddle medium roasted in Parma ham coat
with noodles and morels sauce
* * *
Yoghurt - orange mousse
with praline ice - cream and peppermint foam

as 5 - course  menu 61,-
as 4 - course  menu without soup 57,-


Wedding menu III

Wild herb salad with yoghurt – lemon vinaigrette
and roasted quail breast
* * *
Raviolo of shrimps with curry – coconut foam sauce
and  Chinoise vegetables
* * *
Beef fillet with Savory cabbage crust
on pepper risotto and Pinot Noir sauce
* * *
Strawberry puff pastry with mango sorbet and vanilla sauce

as 4 - course Menu 64,-
without Dessert  54,-


Wedding menu VI

Pickled summer vegetables with roasted red mullet, rucola salad and old balsamic vinegar
* * *
Tomato cream soup with basil and St. Jacob mussels
* * *
Calf fillet medium roasted on truffled peas cream and port – pears sauce
* * *
Crème Brûlée of white chocolate with passion fruit sorbet

without Dessert  69,-


Wedding menu V

Amuse Bouche
* * *
Tatar of tuna
with wasabi sorbet and sesame crème fraîche
* * *
Atlantic sole fillet with birch smoke oil, leaf spinach and Champagne sauce
* * *
Roasted goose foie gras on potato – truffle mousseline and truffle foam
* * *
Medaillon of bison fillet with ravioli, sauce riche and celery
* * *
Rondelle of raw milk cheese
* * *
Combination of raspberry

without Dessert 92,-

Dessert buffet and wedding cakes

Dessert buffet I

Chocolate variations


Dessert buffet II

Tartlet of  Pina Colada with pineapple foam
Crème caramel with marinated wild berries and nougat foam
Apple strudel with almonds and raisins on vanilla sauce
Ice – cream


Spring Dessert buffet I

Palatine strawberry variations


Spring Dessert buffet II

Panna Cotta with mango ragout and mocha foam
Tartlet of woodruff with strawberry-almond sauce
Currant baiser with nougat sauce
Ice - cream


Summer Dessert buffet I

Palatine raspberry variations


Summer Dessert buffet II

Dutch slice with raspberry and puff pastry
Chocolate crêpe with blueberries and vanilla sauce
Marinated sweet cherries with white chocolate and Crue de Cacao
Ice - cream




Autumn Dessert buffet I

Palatine fig variations


Autumn Dessert buffet II

Espresso crème brûlée with marinated plums
Apple tartlet with raisins and almond sauce
Chocolate cup cake with port wine fig
Ice - cream


Winter Dessert buffet I

Palatine apple variations


Winter Dessert buffet II

Orange-peppermint mousse with rum fruits and walnut sauce
Sugared pancakes with raisins, marinated plums and vanilla sauce
Pear-cinnamon tiramisu with fine cacao
Ice - cream


Advent Dessert buffet I

Orange variations


Advent Dessert buffet II

Turret of almond biscuit and quince
Pancakes of Christmas stolen with eggnog  sabayon
Lukewarm Advent tartlet with cinnamon sauce
Christmas punch ice - cream



Home made wedding cake

Our pastry chef creates  your special wedding cake  from 1 to 5 levels.
You can choose a different taste for each level. For example:

Cream cake:   Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, nut, mocha, cherry, orange
Cake with whipped cream: Black forest cherry, Cheese cream, chocolate, mocha, lemon, 
strawberry, orange, nut
Fruit cake:   Strawberry (seasonal), raspberry, assorted fruits

3-levels  (ca. 48 pieces)    350,-
4-levels  (ca. 65 pieces)    390,-
5-levels  (ca. 80 pieces)    490,-