Dear guests!

We are very pleased to have aroused your interest in our house. For your business lunches, seminars and conferences, your private celebrations and your informal get-togethers among friends, we have put together some inspirations for you, which are only a small selection from our diverse gastronomic offer.
Reception & aperitif

A sparkling start with small delicacies!

Aperitif or standing reception

We offer you various little things to greet you.

"The uncomplicated"

Grissini / cheese puff pastry / nuts / quinoa chips /
Gin and Tonic Popcorn / Chili Rice Cracker / BBQ Popcorn /
Vegetable chips / puff pastry

with 3 components per person 10 €

with 4 components per person 12 €

with 5 components per person 14 €

The Palatinate

White cheese with croustini and chives
Air-dried bratwurst with cucumber and sourdough bread
Smoked trout with horseradish and cranberries
Baked black pudding with apple
Tartelette from Saumagen
Hand cheese with crispbread and caraway seeds
Radishes with salted butter and chives
Palatinate liver sausage with coarse mustard
Char tartare with cucumber
Tartare of beef fillet with horseradish
Beetroot with pink pepper and dill

The special ones

a piece

Fine de Claire oysters with lemon 4 €
Wild salmon tartare with caviar 5 €
Foie Gras praline with pumpernickel € 5
Tartar of beef fillet with truffle crème fraîche € 4
St. scallop with sour cream and lime vinaigrette € 4
Sushi (vegetarian or with fish) 4 €

with 3 components per person 14 €

with 4 components per person 16 €

with 5 components per person 18 €

Typical Palatinate

Menus and buffets from our regional country house kitchen "Sankt Urban"

Menu I

Potato foam soup "Winzerart"
with grapes, bacon, cabbage and croutons
* * *
Beef cheeks braised in Pinot Noir
with savoy cabbage a la crème and bread dumplings
* * *
Pear and almond strudel with brandy sabayon and chocolate ice cream

39 €

Menu II

Pick salad with marjoram vinaigrette,
Grape ragout, pumpkin seeds and cress
* * *
"Favorite Palatinate Dish"
Saumagen, sausage and liver dumplings
with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes
* * *
"Poor knight"
with cinnamon sugar, vanilla ice cream and Riesling champagne sauce

35 €

Menu III

Char tartare with cucumber,
Crème fraîche and horseradish
* * *
"Chancellor Soup" with marrow dumplings,
Herbs and root vegetables
* * *
Stomach with truffle, vanilla carrots, celery mousseline
and truffle jus
* * *
Palatinate chocolate kiss with a shot
Apricot chutney and almond ice cream

55 €

Menu IV

Beef fillet tartare with capers,
Horseradish and hash browns
* * *
Carrot and ginger foam soup
with Altrheinzander
* * *
Saumagen Maultaschen
on cream sauerkraut and mustard seed sauce
* * *
Praline tartlets with red wine ice cream and pistachio sauce

49 €

Menu VI

Lukewarm carpaccio from the Saumagen
with Egerling vinaigrette and salad bouquet
* * *
Homemade black pudding ravioli
with savoy cabbage a la crème and mustard seed jus
* * *
Altheinzander on beetroot barley
with chive-horseradish sauce
* * *
Pink roasted veal fillet with cauliflower,
Grape jus and rosemary donuts
* * *
Red wine pear with dark chocolate ice cream and vanilla sauce

74 €

Menu V

Palatinate pate refined with marc
served with pear chutney with caramelized walnuts
and cranberry vinaigrette
* * *
Pea foam soup with small liver sausage ravioli
* * *
Pike dumplings on spinach leaves
with caviar-dill sauce and lemon croutons
* * *
Palatinate rump steak with braised onions,
Bean vegetables and potato gratin
* * *
Poached peach with champagne sorbet and raspberry ragout

69 €

"Heimatliebe" buffet
bookable from 30 people

Air-dried Palatinate sausage with pickled cucumber
Carpaccio of Saumagen with Chives Vinaigrette
Palatinate potato salad with small meatballs
Field salads with our house dressing
Trout tartare with cucumber
Pickled hand cheese with caraway vinaigrette
Marinated rind stomach with red wine vinegar and onion
Homemade aspic from suckling pig with tartar sauce
Prepared white cheese with pretzels and wood-fired bread
Radishes with herb yogurt
* * *
“Chancellor Soup” beef soup with marrow dumplings and herbs ○
* * *
Smoked beef brisket with horseradish sauce, root vegetables and parsley potatoes
Black pudding ravioli with leek vegetables and mustard sauce
Maultaschen from Saumagen with savoy cabbage a la crème
Saumagen, liver dumplings and bratwurst with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes
Altrheinzander with Riesling champagne sauce and beetroot
Strudel of black pudding and liver sausage on apple-horseradish vegetables and cranberries
Beef cheeks braised in Pinot Noir with mashed potatoes and beans
Baked liver sausage praline with coarse mustard sauce and cream sauerkraut
Bread dumplings with wild mushroom sauce and parmesan
Filled peppers with Palatinate goat cheese and marjoram
* * *
Cheesecake with plum ragout
Karthauser dumplings with frothy wine sabayon and walnut sauce
Dornfelder grape tartlets with dark biscuit
Parfaît of candied fruits with vanilla sauce
Gâteau of nougat with brandy sabayon
Slightly gelled Riesling champagne soup with berries and mint
Apple tart with raisin sauce and apple chutney
Different types of ice cream
Selection of cheeses with grapes and fig mustard

with 10 dishes per person € 59

with 13 dishes per person € 69

with 17 dishes per person € 79

with 20 dishes per person € 89

Annual calendar

Our seasonal menus in the annual culinary calendar

Spring menu I

Carpaccio from the pig's stomach
with wild garlic vinaigrette, spring salads and croutons
* * *
Foam soup made from Frankfurt herbs
with bacon and croutons
* * *
Pink roasted veal saddle
with stirred olive polenta, bean buns and paprika sauce
* * *
Flamed strawberry tart
with strawberry ragout, Riesling sabayon and whole milk chocolate ice cream

€ 62

Spring menu II

Two kinds of matjes
with pink pepper, apple and sour cream
* * *
Foam soup from asparagus
with saffron and wild salmon
* * *
Shoulder of milk lamb braised with rosemary
with ratatouille vegetables and potato gratin
* * *
Tart from the woodruff
with peppermint sorbet and raspberry sauce

59 €

Spring menu III

Tuna tartare
with lime capers vinaigrette and frisee salad
* * *
Anglerfish medallion
on asparagus ragout and chervilage
* * *
Young pork fillet fried in rosemary butter
on tomato risotto with snow peas and sage jus
* * *
Three kinds of strawberry with passion fruit ice cream

64 €

Summer menu I

Wild salmon tartare with lemon vinaigrette
* * *
Light tomato foam soup with basil
* * *
Saltimbocca from veal steak
on artichoke and sugar snap peas vegetables,
Baked potatoes and light garlic sauce
* * *
Three kinds of apricot with saffron ice cream

64 €

Summer menu II

Lukewarm carpaccio from the Saumagen
with chanterelle vinaigrette and summer salads
* * *
Foam soup of paprika
and ginger with fried shrimp
* * *
Medallion of beef fillet
under the pepper crust with bean cassoulet,
Rosemary donut and shallot sauce
* * *
Dome from the blackberry
with coffee ice cream and lemon jelly

68 €

Summer menu III

Mille feuille of pickled summer vegetables
with basil pesto, parmesan, old balsamic vinegar and fried shrimp
* * *
Artichoke and truffle soup with small ravioli
* * *
Loup de Mer on saffron fennel and Noilly Prat foam
* * *
Pink roasted veal fillet
with filled zucchini, oregano risotto and pepper sauce
* * *
Raspberry lemongrass slices with raspberry ragout and praline ice cream

€ 78

Autumn menu I

Spiced salmon marinated in beetroot
with honey dill crème and smoked potato salad
* * *
Foam soup from the nutmeg squash
with roasted seeds and pumpkin seed oil
* * *
Deidesheim farm duck
with red cabbage, chestnuts and potato dumplings in an orange sauce
* * *
Caramelized apple tart with calvadossabayon and walnut parfaît

64 €

Autumn menu II

Lukewarm carpaccio from the Saumagen
with pumpkin vinaigrette and autumn salads
* * *
Foam soup of porcini mushrooms with chives
* * *
Wild salmon with pernod sauce and dill mousseline
* * *
Palatine saddle of venison in wild mushroom crepe
with truffled cream sausage and port wine sauce
* * *
Poached Williams pear
in lukewarm chocolate sauce and cognac ice cream

74 €

Autumn menu III

Lamb's lettuce with potato and marjoram vinaigrette,
Bacon, croutons and caramelized walnuts
* * *
Essence of wild fowl with rosemary and sherry
* * *
Venison goulash braised in Pinot Noir
with Brussels sprouts, celery puree and cranberries
* * *
Strudel of Palatinate grapes
with rosemary ice cream and vanilla sauce

59 €

Winter menu I

Small baked duck strudel
with red cabbage and cranberry salad and mustard vinaigrette
* * *
Foam soup from cauliflower with cinnamon
* * *
Medallion of beef fillet
with a raisin and walnut crust on a chestnut mousseline
and tangerine sauce
* * *
Missed Advent cake with dark chocolate and Christmas stollen ice cream

64 €

Winter menu II

Corn salad with pomegranate vinaigrette,
Puff pastry spice stick and roasted nuts
* * *
Essence of oxtail with creperoulade and herbs
* * *
Roast veal with brandy and Egerling sauce
of carrot vegetables and buttered spaetzle
* * *
Plum curd dumplings with mocha ice cream and plum compote

59 €

Winter menu III

Lukewarm carpaccio from the Saumagen
with chestnut vinaigrette and winter salads
* * *
Foam soup from celery with truffle cream and parsley
* * *
Roast goose with red cabbage,
stuffed apple and potato dumplings with mugwort sauce
* * *
Ice cream with hot cherries and hazelnut cake

69 €

Exclusive menus

Our special themed menus


Pickled Palatinate asparagus
with chive-egg vinaigrette and herb salad
* * *
Foam soup from asparagus with croutons
* * *
Pink roasted milk veal fillet
with asparagus, hollandaise sauce and herb potatoes
* * *
Nougat mousse with asparagus ice cream and pistachio sauce

74 €


Goose fat
* * *
Lamb's lettuce with potato and marjoram vinaigrette
with smoked goose breast and orange chutney
* * *
Goose foam soup with a small roulade and gin
* * *
Breast and leg of the free-range goose
with red cabbage, baked apple, potato dumplings and mugwort sauce
* * *
Three kinds of sorbet with berries and mint

69 €


Parfaît of veal liver
with port wine jelly and grape chutney
* * *
Palatinate potato soup "Winzerart"
with grapes, sauerkraut and bacon
* * *
Entrecôte from the milk veal
on a raisin pepper sauce with sweet potatoes and Kenya beans
* * *
Gâteau of white chocolate
with lemon sabayon and Federweißer sorbet

64 €


Wild salmon tartare
with sweet and sour pickled pumpkin and orange chicory
* * *
Foam soup from nutmeg squash <
with seeds and pumpkin oil
* * *
Pink roasted Barbarie duck breast
on curry squash, potato noodles and herb jus
* * *
Hokaido pumpkin tart with white chocolate ice cream

64 €


Fried St. Scallop
on beetroot salad and chervil vinaigrette
* * *
Sylt fish soup with saffron, dill and crème fraîche
* * *
Turbot poached in Riesling stock
with pea mousseline, lobster ravioli and crustacean sauce
* * *
Panna cotta with marinated berries and banana ice cream

€ 79


Tomato, curry and mint yogurt filled with couscous
* * *
Saffron Tagliatelle
with fried artichokes and olives
* * *
Risotto with summer truffle,
Baked zucchini and herb sauce
* * *
Peppers from the oven
with ricotta, spinach, basil pesto and pea sauce
* * *
Grilled pineapple with tandori,
Lemon cream and sour cream

55 €


Pheasant terrine
with foie gras, plum and orange vinaigrette
* * *
Rabbit ravioli
on Brussels sprouts with juniper sauce and leek vegetables
* * *
Roasted saddle of venison with salsify vegetables,
Sweet Potato Mousseline and Cranberry Sauce
* * *
Caramel tartlets with pickled figs and rosemary ice cream

€ 79

In the footsteps of the state guests

Historic moments

Michael Gorbachev
President of the Soviet Union

Green core soup with marrow dumplings and sauerkraut
* * *
Baked cracked sausage
with apple-horseradish vegetables and cranberry sauce
* * *
Karthauser dumplings on vanilla sauce with Grand Marnier ice cream

55 €

Vaclaw Havel
President of Czechoslovakia

Essence of the beef bow with porcini ravioli
* * *
Palatinate suckling pig
on creamy sausage, pinot noir sauce and
Potato noodles fried in nut butter
* * *
Oven slip with calvados apples and cinnamon ice cream

49 €

Boris Yeltsin
President of the Russian Federation

Clear beef soup with marrow dumplings and chives
* * *
Palatinate strudel of blood and liver sausage
on apple-horseradish vegetables with Pommery mustard sauce
* * *
Braised veal cheek
with Pinot Noir vinegar jus, market vegetables and ribbon noodles
* * *
Karthauser dumplings with frothy wine sabayon and cinnamon ice cream

68 €

John Major
Prime Minister UK

Carpaccio of Saumagen and black pudding
me marjoram potatoes and apple wedges
* * *
Smoked zander medallion
on cream sauerkraut and chive sauce
* * *
Braised veal wagtail
with glazed carrots, sautéed forest mushrooms
and Macaire potatoes
* * *
Variation of the Palatinate plum

69 €

Margaret Thatcher
Prime Minister UK

Foam soup from Palatinate potatoes
with bacon and croutons
* * *
"Favorite Palatinate Dish"
Saumagen, liver dumplings and Palatinate bratwurst
on mashed potatoes and sauerkraut
* * *
Steamed noodles with white poppy seed mousse and blackberries

39 €

Queen Elizabeth II
Her Royal Majesty

Feuilleté of smoked duck breast
with foie gras and port wine jelly
* * *
Poached beef fillet
with forest mushrooms à la crème and potato-cream gratin
* * *
Homemade vanilla ice cream
with pickled morello cherries

59 €

Restaurant Schwarzer Hahn

Enjoy our culinary recipe for success!

Gourmet cuisine
Our head chef Stefan Neugebauer gives the classic high cuisine the unmistakable face of our region.
Felix Jarzina and Stefan Neugebauer

Creativity with a down-to-earth approach, that is the motto of our chefs Stefan Neugebauer and Felix Jarzina with their team. Award-winning, they offer sophisticated dishes from classic "haute cuisine" in a chic restaurant ambience, always refined with modern accents. No mainstream, but sophisticated arrangements that have both tried and tested and new in them.

Special awards

17 Gault Millau points * 8 Gusto pans * 4.5 spoons in the Schlemmer Atlas (Top 50 Koch)
4 diamonds & stars tip in the Varta guide * 5 toques Bertelsmann

Gourmet menu I

Marinated foie gras with sauté jelly, grapes and brioche
* * *
Foam soup from lobster with carrot and lobster crustade
* * *
Loup de mer roasted on the skin
with pulpo bean ragout and chervil
* * *
Quail breast strudel
with sweet potatoes and truffle jus
* * *
Medallion of beef fillet
with savoy cabbage a la crème, ox cheek ravioli and morel sauce
* * *
Variation of the Valrhona chocolate

as a 4-course menu per person € 119

as a 5-course menu per person € 129

as a 6-course menu per person € 145

Gourmet menu II

Tuna poke bowl with cucumber, mango, avocado and rose rice
* * *
Foam soup of curry and lemongrass with small ravioli
* * *
Lobster with saffron paella rice
on braised paprika and chorizzo sauce
* * *
Kalamansi sorbet with tonka beans sabayon
* * *
Fillet of free-range calf from Ponzu Sud
with pea mousseline, stuffed tomato and wild broccoli
* * *
Pina Colada "Black Rooster" with pineapple sorbet

as a 4-course menu per person € 119

as a 5-course menu per person € 129

as a 6-course menu per person € 145

Gourmet menu III

Lobster Salad "Schwarzer Hahn"
with potatoes, cucumber, sour cream and wasabi ice cream
* * *
Turbot poached in light tomato stock
with artichoke, olives, beans and basil
* * *
Fillet of red mullet with herb crust
on fennel and clementine sauce
* * *
Saumagen with Perigord truffle and foie gras
on pointed cabbage and truffle sauce
* * *
David's saddle of beef "Dry aged"
with stuffed onion, celery mousseline and riche sauce
* * *
Nougat tartlets with mango sorbet and lime sabayon

as a 4-course menu per person € 119

as a 5-course menu per person € 129

as a 6-course menu per person € 145

Exclusive events

Celebrate extraordinary, made-to-measure events with us in the “Schwarzer Hahn”

Birthday party
in the wine cellar and our vinotheque
bookable for 10–18 people

Aperitif in the wine cellar with champagne & non-alcoholic cocktail
* * *
Three kinds of wild salmon with wasabi sorbet
* * *
Anglerfish medallion
with chorizzo-pineapple risotto and tarragon sauce
* * *
Tagliatelle with grated truffle and snow peas
* * *
Filet Wellington carved at the table
with wild broccoli and borderlais sauce
* * *
Dessert and cheese buffet in the red wine cellar
* * *
Birthday cake included for the anniversary boy

Sunday - Thursday € 149 per person

Friday - Saturday € 169 per person

Palatinate Tasting

Aperitif in the red wine cellar
Palatinate tapas with sparkling wine
bookable for 10–18 people

Potato foam soup with old Rhine cander
and baked black pudding
* * *
Char ravioli with Riesling champagne and mustard seed sauce
* * *
Saumagen with foie gras on pointed cabbage a la crème
* * *
Veal cheeks braised in truffle
with celery mousseline and original carrot
* * *
Dessert and cheese buffet in the red wine cellar

Cozy wine stand in the red wine cellar with 18 selected wines

Sunday - Thursday € 99 per person

Friday - Saturday € 119 per person

Clubbing in the restaurant Schwarzer Hahn

At the “Schwarzen Hahn” we celebrate unforgettable “clubbing” evenings in a relaxed atmosphere to end the day in a relaxed manner. With a delicious walking dinner in combination with our open kitchen, we also serve great drinks and celebrate with a club feeling. We would be happy to put together an individual clubbing event for you according to your desired topic.

Start at 7 p.m.

up to a maximum of 120 people

Aperitif, walking dinner, wines, mineral water, coffee
DJ and club feeling

with 8 dishes per person € 75 | € 85
Friday | Saturday

with 10 dishes per person € 90 | 100 €
Friday | Saturday

with 12 dishes per person € 105 | 115 €
Friday | Saturday

with 14 dishes per person € 120 | 130 €
Friday | Saturday

with 8 dishes per person € 75 | € 85
Friday | Saturday

with 10 dishes per person € 90 | 100 €
Friday | Saturday

with 12 dishes per person € 105 | 115 €
Friday | Saturday

with 14 dishes per person € 120 | 130 €
Friday | Saturday

"Schwarzer Hahn" Exclusive Walking Dinner

Poke bowl with mango, cucumber and peanut
Foie Gras praline with sauté jelly
Tartare of beef fillet with horseradish
Wild salmon sashimi and wasabi
Seafood salad with fennel and lime
* * *
Farmer's roast terrine with truffle
St. scallop on beetroot and mustard sauce
Small paella with saffron and salsa verde
* * *
Foam soup from lobster with vanilla
Essence of the vine tomato with ricotta ravioli
Strudel of seafood on chinoise vegetables
Crustade of crustaceans with sugar snap peas
Fried bouillabaisse fish with basil sauce
Mediterranean fish cannelloni with lobster sauce
Truffled veal patties with sweet potato mousseline
Foie gras ravioli with spinach leaves
Saumagen with truffle on cream sausage
Small lamb strudel with coriander
Fillet of beef with pea and mint cream
Onion stuffed with venison in a juniper sauce
Guinea fowl breast marinated in coconut with rice cream
Ox cheek ragout with farfalle
Saddle of beef with savoy cabbage a la crème
Organic onsen egg with spinach and parmesan foam
Braised eggplant with miso
Ricotta ravioli with braised tomato
Vegetable parmesan omelette
* * *
Dark Valrhona chocolate mousse
Crème brûlèe with curry and banana
Berries with Limoncello Sabayone
Iced raspberry lemongrass soup
Ice cream
Cheese selection

Menus for weddings and other festivities

Festive wedding menus
We pamper you and your wedding guests with festive menus

Wedding menu I

Carpaccio of Saumagen with Egerling-Radish Vinaigrette
* * *
Carrot and vanilla foam soup with small ravioli
* * *
Pink roast saddle of beef
with chanterelle and leek vegetables, potato gratin and Burgundy jus
* * *
Dessert buffet "Variation of the strawberry"

69 €

Wedding menu II

Two kinds of wild salmon on cucumber carpaccio
with saffron vinaigrette and caviar
* * *
Light tomato foam soup with basil and quail breast
* * * Saddle of veal in a Parma ham coat
with bean cassoulet, ratatouille risotto and sage sauce
* * *
Dessert buffet "Variation of the raspberry"

€ 75

Wedding menu III

Wild herb salad with melon vinaigrette,
Sheep cheese, olives and sun-dried tomatoes
* * *
Seawater shrimp ravioli
with snow peas and saffron sauce
* * *
Veal fillet medallions
under the almond crust with green asparagus,
Rosemary potato fritters and port wine sauce
* * *

Dessert buffet
Panna cotta with mango ragout and mocha sabayon
Currant meringue slices with nougat sauce
Valrhona chocolate cake with vanilla sauce and raspberry ragout
Ice cream cup with different types of ice cream

€ 79

Wedding menu IV

Tuna tartare with pickled radish,
Lime vinaigrette and frisee salad
* * *
Foam soup from lemongrass coconut milk
and curry with guinea fowl roulade
* * *
Fried seawater shrimp
with chorizzo-pineapple risotto and paprika sauce
* * *
Medallion of beef fillet
with truffled potato mousseline, bean buns and shallot sauce
* * *
White chocolate tartlets
with peach, tonka bean sauce and raspberry sorbet

€ 85

Dessert buffet I

Crème caramel with marinated wild berries and nougat sauce
Apple strudel with almonds, raisins and vanilla sauce
Ice cream from the ice cream cup
Chocolate crepe with blueberries and pistachio sauce

22 €

Dessert buffet II

Dutch cuts with raspberries and puff pastry
Crème brûlée with vanilla and plum ragout
Ice cream from the ice cream cup
Pina-Colada cuts on pineapple carpaccio and mango sauce

22 €

Dessert buffet III

Valrhona chocolate gâteau with passion fruit sauce
Pickled port figs with almond sauce and cinnamon
Ice cream cup with sorbets
Kaiserschmarren with raisins, apple ragout and vanilla sauce

22 €


Palatinate homemade sausage with horseradish and pickled cucumber € 7.50
Currywurst "Stefan Neugebauer" with baked onion rings and baguette € 8.50
Small meatballs with potato and cucumber salad and mustard € 9.50
Hearty goulash soup from beef brisket with paprika and crème fraîche 9 €
Selection of raw milk cheeses with chutneys and grapes 14 €

Cakes, pies and other sweet treats Homemade cakes & pies

Our cheesecake (traditional) € 36
Black Forest cake € 48
Frankfurter Kranz € 48
Yoghurt-fruit cake 40 €
Berry-vanilla cake 44 €
Covered apple pie 36 €
Truffle cake € 48
Valrhona chocolate cake 40 €
Hazelnut sponge cake 36 €
Assorted cupcakes € 4
Various macarons € 2.50

Homemade wedding cakes Our in-house pâtisserie provides according to your wishes 1 to 5-tier wedding cakes. You can choose a different flavor for each floor. For example For cream cakes Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, nut, mocha, cherry, orange.

With cream cakes
Black Forest cherry, cheese cream, Chocolate, mocha, lemon, strawberry, orange, nut Special decoration requests such as marzipan roses or Models are charged according to the effort. Also in heart shape or according to an individual template. Let us advise you or send us your desired photo.
3-tier (approx. 48 pieces) € 390
4-tier (approx. 65 pieces) 450 €
5-tier (approx. 80 pieces) 500 €

Brunch proposal

bookable from 20 people

Jam, honey, Nutella, yoghurt, Bircher muesli,
Cornflakes, fruit, smoked fish, boiled eggs,
Sausage specialties, cheese, butter, herb quark,
Bread and rolls, Actimell, orange juice
Tea, coffee and mineral water

* * *


Strong broth with herbs and marrow balls
Wild salmon in mustard sauce with herb rice
White sausages with sweet mustard and pretzels
Scrambled eggs, bacon, small sausages and gratinated tomatoes
Veal strips with wild mushroom cream and tagliatelle
Leaf and raw vegetable salads
Pork meat and onions

45 €

BBQ buffet proposal
bookable from 20 people

Selection of bread, quark, olive oil & radishes
Variation of leafy and raw vegetable salads with dressings
Iced cucumber soup with sour cream and dill
Bressaola with old balsamic vinegar, parmesan and rocket
Seafood salad with beans, lime vinaigrette and celery
Anti pasti with zucchini, bell pepper, aubergine, pearl onion and mushrooms

From the grill

Beef steak
Rack of lamb
Palatinate bratwurst
Bouillabaisse fish in aluminum foil with herb lemon butter
Baked potatoes, rissoni pasta, potato and chanterelle salad
Dessert creation Sankt Urban

€ 75
(up to 30 people cook included)


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